If you are anything like the thousands of other people in Santa Barbara County running a small or medium size business, raising a family, while also volunteering in your community; you’re really busy. Indeed you’re being pulled in any number of different directions. 
Life can feel like a rat race at times.
Armendariz Partners utilizes a cohesive network of strategic partners to support our clients in their various areas of need.
Government relations, public affairs, corporate communications, rapid response issue advocacy.
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Joe Armendariz

joe armendariz

Principal and Founder of Armendariz Partners, has a breadth of public policy experience having served inside, outside, and around local governments throughout Santa Barbara County. He served eight years on the Carpinteria City Council, five years on the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments, and five years representing the eight cities on the Santa Barbara County Local Agency Formation Commission.

In 2008, on April Fools Day, this was just by coincidence, Joe formed Armendariz Partners as a  strategic consulting firm focusing primarily on local and regional energy, heath care, nonprofit advocacy, and tribal gaming issues. Since then, he’s worked with some of the largest energy companies in California, including ExxonMobil, as well as other big bang economic entities such as the Santa Ynez band of Chumash Indians.


Armendariz Partners is a local strategic consulting firm headed by former Carpinteria Councilman Joe Armendariz and is the culmination of nearly twenty five years of key relationships developed in the business, political, education, and government arena.

We understand today’s information-driven world, and the subtle nuances that shape local public policy, and how it impacts the business, and political climate the firm operates in.

Armendariz Partners can help you recognize and assess state and local trends in business, politics, and government while devising strategic plans to support you in dealing effectively in your specific issue, or policy arena.

The tactical strategies developed by the Armendariz Partners team of consultants involve a number of elements, including public and private sector message crafting, external communications, social media engagement, government relations, and grassroots rapid-response issue advocacy.

Joe Armendariz, the firms founder and managing consultant, maintains strong personal and working strategic relationships with influential individuals, companies, and organizations throughout the Central Coast, all of which play a pivotal role in the shaping of state and local public policy, and the local economy.

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