Core Competencies

Strategic Public Affairs

Armendariz Partners (AP) is unique in its ability to deliver a superior level of public affairs support by using a network of state and regional public policy experts from specialized areas of discipline. What makes the firm unique is its ability to accomplish this level of comprehensive support and expertise under one service contract. Indeed, rather than attempt to be all things to all people,  AP recognizes that while its core competencies are finite, its ability to leverage the core competencies of a diverse array of strategic partners is unlimited. And the ability to deliver results by reaching in and out of the firm to help the client secure the specialized knowledge and experience needed for its current or future projects, and doing it under a single source contract, is what sets AP apart from other firms its size.

Government Relations

The most valuable commodity is information. However, another valuable commodity, be it in government, politics, and especially business, is trust.  Armendariz Partners is led by a respected policy leader with key contacts and relationships in local government, politics and business. Joe Armendariz, the firms founder, has built a reservoir of trust and goodwill by working respectfully across philosophical and partisan lines, and doing it one relationship at a time. Irrespective of the situation, be it a public roll-out of an economic impact study, or an economic white-paper, Armendariz Partners can help you communicate with the right audiences.

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Economic Impact Studies

Navigating the public planning process to get your next project approved can be a challenge for even the most sophisticated company. Armendariz Partners can help you or your organization tip the balance of public opinion to your side. After all, positive economic impacts that go un-communicated, or ineffectively communicated, are like trees falling in a forest when no one is around to hear it. AP can help you develop, and communicate the positive economic impacts that your company, or your project will generate so the people who need to hear that information will hear it. AP has experience conceptualizing, and developing these type of impact studies and then rolling them out to the public for maximum positive affect.  Our success in this area of core competency is known statewide.

Strategic Relationship Development

One of the things that sets Armendariz Partners apart is our unprecedented network of strategic partners, contacts and relationships in business, industry, education, government and politics. Our vast array of strategic relationships can add value to your company or organization. Joe Armendariz, the firm’s founder, built these relationships over the years on trust and mutual respect, and they are one of the firms most valuable assets.  When you work with Armendariz Partners you will have access to a network of strategic partners while also allowing you to develop key relationships with the people you need to know now and in the future.  AP can help you know the people who will add value to your company, organization, or project.