“Joe’s insight as an elected official, business owner and advocate gives him a unique perspective to well serve his clients.” – Salud Carbajal, SB County Supervisor (1st District)

“Joe is an excellent communicator…has a keen mind and can grasp new issues and challenges quickly. Joe is also very techno-suave taking advantage of new technologies and e-commerce. In terms of running an organization with a diverse membership, Joe is extremely effective. I would hire Joe Armendariz for any job or position.” – Tim Mahoney, District Manager, Southern California Gas Company

“Some business groups are great for networking, others for meeting people, under the leadership of Joe Armendariz, SBTIA has become the strongest business advocate in Santa Barbara County. They are on top of every major and minor issue that impacts business before it is too late to do anything. “  – John Davies, CEO, DAVIES

“Joe’s success stems from a rare blend of an outstanding personality, quick and sharp
mind, genuine interest and involvement in politics and community betterment, and joie de
vivre. He commands great respect and likeability from both allies and adversaries. In the area of technology and communication, Joe’s skills are exceptional. He is on the cutting edge of new ways to communicate. He is also a very hard worker, treats people with courtesy and respect, and always seeks new avenues of involvement and participation. In short, I recommend Joe Armendariz for any opportunity or position for which he might apply or seek.” – Lanny Ebenstein, Professor of Economics, UCSB

“Joe has a reputation as a thoughtful person with an ability to evaluate tough and complicated issues dispassionately. He is highly intelligent and carefully weighs the delicate balance between protecting the environment and the economic impacts on our state and local communities.” – Ben Zuckerman, Professor, Physics and Astronomy Department, UCLA

I have had the pleasure of working with Joe on various regional projects. I have found him to be quite intelligent, sensible, and an individual who understands that solutions to complex resource issues need to be approached in a balanced manner. – Dan Secord, California Coastal Commissioner, and former SB City  Councilman

“I have been privileged to know Joe since 2001 when he agreed to become the Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Industrial Association.  Joe has unflappably met a high standard of intelligent, collaborative representation of responsible business interests, while exhibiting an impressive knowledge of budgetary, procedural and regulatory aspects of these complex controversial issues.” - Tom Banigan, Vice President, QA/Regulatory Compliance, Nusil Technology

“What really impresses me about Joe Armendariz is he is a Republican that was elected in a city with a large Democrat majority. He was able to do in Carpinteria what Governor Schwarzenegger did in California, build broad coalitions.” – Andy Granatelli, retired professional race car driver

“I have known Joe Armendariz for several years in his role as an advocate for the Santa Barbara Industrial Association and Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association. Joe has the ability to understand very complex issues. His ability to clearly dissect complex issues and articulate his point of view is outstanding.” – Danny G Wynn, President/CEO (retired), Penfield & Smith

“As an attorney who has been practicing law in Santa Barbara for the past 28 years, it has been my pleasure to know Joe Armendariz for the past 16. Joe is a thinking person who does his homework. He works through problems and finds solutions.” – Randall Fox, Attorney, Reetz, Fox & Bartlett, LLP

“I know Joe Armendariz professionally, having worked with him as a board member of the Santa Barbara Technology and Industry Association, and know him to be a person of the highest honesty and integrity. He is thorough in his analytical abilities to understand all factors affecting issues and is very articulate in communicating the issues and his position relating to them.” - Dr. Ken Tompetrini, President  & CEO (Retired), Nautronix MariPro, Inc

“I believe Mr. Armendariz is a thoughtful individual who can evaluate complicated issues and come to intelligent and reasonable decisions based on the facts presented. The voters in the City of Carpinteria elected Joe Armendariz to the City Council in a heavily Democrat district despite the fact that Joe is a registered Republican.  Joe’s reputation as a person who seeks sound solutions to pressing issues is likely why he enjoys the confidence of voters.” – Stuart H. Hurlbert, PhD, Professor of Biology and Director of the Center for Inland Waters at San Diego State University