Strategic Partnerships

Armendariz Partners was formed in order to allow us to leverage the valuable relationships we have established over the past 12 years. Through leveraging strategic partnerships with respected leaders, in and out of government; business; industry; and education, we are able to help reposition our clients so they become more then just another voice in the crowd. And we accomplish this with one contract for service while managing the scope of work in order to stay accountable. In other words, while leveraging the expertise of others, we stay accountable to the client for the level of service by staying actively involved in the process from beginning to end. We won’t simply delegate, we will facilitate.

At Armendariz Partners we recognize that we can’t be all things to all people and that our respective and collective abilities are finite. However, our network of strategic relationships with other professional consultants and experts is vast. And our ability to tap the intellectual resources required to deliver value to our clients is almost unlimited. Armendariz Partners built these strategic relationships by adhering to a commitment to performance, accountability and hard work. Indeed, and perhaps in a word, “trust” is what allows us to come to the table with a reputation for delivering results for our clients. And our strategic partners trust us because the community stakeholders we work with trust us. And at the end of the day, our clients trust us.